The Park has had to make adjustments again this year as we try to remain safe yet still provide a beautiful garden for visitors to enjoy.  Due to ease of restrictions on COVID-19, our Patio and Washrooms are now open. If restrictions change, we will consider closing these areas again but for now remain hopeful that this will not happen.

The number of visitors to the Park increased tremendously in 2020 and we expect the same this year.  We would like to remind everyone of the following:

–  No dogs are allowed in the Botanic Park.  They are allowed on the City’s Red Willow Trail just north of us.  You can park and access the Trail from Kingswood Park (east of us on Sturgeon Road).  If you are walking you can access the Trail between the ball diamonds and the Botanic Park or the pathway across from Woodlands Road.

–  Please dismount your bicycle and walk it through the Park.  If you are driving and taking your bikes to ride on Red Willow Trail, please use the parking lot at Kingswood Park.

– We are a botanic garden and love when you visit but we are not a play or picnic park and do not have the equipment or space to accommodate these activities.  For a City of St. Albert park with facilities you might be looking for, please visit

– We have many benches throughout the Park … please do not bring in barbecues, tables and chairs when visiting.

– Please do not pick flowers, dig up plants or remove any decorative items (rocks, pavers, etc.) from the Park.

– Please refrain from entering the Rose Garden when a wedding ceremony is in progress.  In order for us to provide a space for small wedding ceremonies, we must adhere to Covid restrictions when wedding guests are seated in the Rose Garden.  Rentals are very important to us as it is one of our means of raising funds to operate the Park and all of our gardens.

– Any large groups or organized tours must contact the office if they are planning to visit.  We can advise you of the best time or day to visit as our parking lot has limited space and we do not want your visit to conflict with paid rental events.

If you have enjoyed your visit to our gardens, please consider leaving a donation in our box on the patio.  We are not a city funded park and all donations go directly into operation and maintenance of the Park.