After unexpected delays, work on the path in the west Park began on June 24th.  There will be no access for anyone except the construction crew and gates will be locked when they are not present.  We are asking everyone to please comply with this request and signage we have posted.

During the closure of the west Park, the Peonies have bloomed, been pummeled by one rain after another and now their season is pretty much over.  The Asiatic Lilies have started blooming and if no more heavy rains come our way, we hope that visitors will soon be able to enjoy Memory Lane.  There will be some work needed to restore the area so a little more patience is required.  Until then plants in the west Park will continue to grow and we will just have to enjoy them from the outside of the fence.

Thank you to all of our volunteers for their patience.  All areas in the construction zone have been without irrigation this year and the volunteers who tend gardens in the west Park have not been able to get in there to weed, remove spent blossoms or pick lily beetles. Current word is that the project is expected to be completed by August 10th and an official opening will be held on Thursday August 18th.

Construction is complete but the west Park will remain closed until the afternoon of August 18th.  Volunteers have a massive job clearing weeds from all of the gardens so please be patient and be mindful of signage to keep out until we are done.

If  you would like to be included in our Memory Lane path, we have made allowances to add additional engraved bricks after construction is done.  To purchase a brick, contact us by email (, visit our Gift Shop or link to Engraved Bricks