The Planting Ceremony for our 150 Celebration Garden was held on Wednesday September 28, 2016 at 1:30 pm in the St. Albert Botanic Park.  

Mayor Nolan Crouse, Park volunteers, children from Keenooshayo Elementary School and community members were on hand to plant the first of our 1,000 tulips in red and white.  The children sang O Canada and Canadian flags were proudly on display.

As the only site chosen in St. Albert for a 150th Celebration Garden display, the St. Albert Botanic Park is pleased to have been given this honor.  We are all looking forward to Spring 2017 and the colour these beautiful bulbs will bring to the Park. We thank the Canadian Garden Council for their initiative and concept as well as Vesey's Bulbs who donated 150,000 tulips to communities across Canada.  For more information on the 150th Celebration Gardens, please visit Canada's Garden Route.


A Tulip Blooming Ceremony was held on May 24th @ 2 PM. Our timing for the event was perfect as the tulips were all blooming. Unfortunately, an extreme weather system had us move the ceremony safely indoors where Mayor Nolan Crouse, Member of Parliament Michael Cooper and Park President Joan Johnson had many kind words to say about our 150th Celebration Garden and Botanic Park volunteers.  The school children from Keenooshayo Elementary were unable to attend but they did visit the Park on the 26th and an impromptu ceremony was held so the children could sing O Canada by the garden of red and white tulips planted in the shape of a maple leaf.