The Restful Garden was established in 1999 with a donation of a bench and perennials by the St. Albert Retired Teachers Association (STARTA). 1999 was the Year of the Older Person and this was the perfect spot to place our first bench.  For volunteers working out in the hot sun in the west arm of the Park, this location was a place to take a break in the shade while enroute to the east end of the Park where we stored our tools and equipment.  The area around the Restful Garden was the location of the Atkinson family home in 1919.  A birdhouse replicating their home was carefully constructed by John Beedle and St. Albert's Public Works crew.  It is mounted and on display in the exact location of the Atkinson home.

STARTA members have continued in their support of the Park.  Some have helped with our events and their annual chili supper was held at the Park in the early years with Park volunteers joining in for the meal.  STARTA members organize the Little Sprouts program for grade 1 students from local schools.  This program introduces young people to plants and how their various systems work together to form a living part of nature.  Taking place during the month of May, Little Sprouts is attended by approximately 900 children.